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Monday, October 31st, 2011

zombieposterTo help get into the Halloween spirit, we headed to Winchester University last Friday to enjoy a celebration of all things zombie at the first ever Zombosium, a one-day academic conference about this seemingly unstoppable cultural phenomenon (they’ll get you in the end).

A range of perspectives on the undead were supplied by the 17 attending zombieologists (actually specialists from a range of disciplines, including film, philosophy and sociology). Infinitemonkey’s Toby Venables – author of The Viking Dead and now, apparently, a ‘zombie expert’ – gave a paper on zombie landscapes, with a slight deviation off the main highway in order to talk a bit about road horror (think Texas Chain Saw Massacre et al). Highlight’s of the day included a keynote address from Dr Ian Conrich, and an especially eye-opening talk on how to zombie-proof your home by architects Roger Cooper and Jordan Lloyd. You can see more about their ingenious (and hilarious, and disturbing) project here, which has been entered into a contest to design zombie proof dwellings, judged by author and zombie fighter extraordinaire, Max Brooks. We wish them the very best of luck, in the hope of a freebie when it all kicks off.

Many thanks to everyone at ‘the Winchester’, and especially Dr Marcus Leaning for organising this superb event and for getting the message out to the BBC and The Sun, whose looming presence gave him plenty to think about on the day. You can see the Beeb’s initial report on the Zombosium here; check out also the piece in Metro. Toby was interviewed TWICE by the BBC (BBC Russia, and BBC World Service), but sadly, the media failed to photograph his t-shirt, which featured the attached propaganda legend.

It’s hoped the conference will become a book, which will include all papers given on the day, plus a few extras. More on that as it unfolds.

Now, where did I leave my machete..?