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services for writers

Every writer, from Charlie Brooker to J K Rowling, has an editor. It’s a cherished relationship. Why? Because when your article is running to 3,000 words and they only want 1,500, or you’re so immersed in your latest masterwork you can no longer see the wood for the trees, it’s your editor who helps you back on track.

If you’re just starting out, it can be especially tough (we know, we’ve been there…) but thanks to successes with our own features, novels and scripts, we’re in a good position to help. If you need a fresh perspective on your piece, we can provide detailed feedback on what works and what needs fixing – we can even suggest how to do it. If the thought of writing that vitally important short synopsis of your novel or script fills you with dread, we offer a synopsis and treatment writing service, distilling your work into one compelling page that sells your idea to editors, producers or publishers.

And if all you need is a copy edit and a proofread, we can do that, too.

"Infinitemonkey are incredible. They gave me insight into my work I hadn't had prior to this. I plan to work with them again and again!"

– Adrea Peters, author